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Allan Cervin

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Why Should an Organization Consider Hiring Allan Cervin

Allan Cervin is a highly accomplished and dynamic professional with a rich background in sales and sale leadership, business consulting, and strategic commercial transformation. His career trajectory, educational qualifications, and diverse skill set position him as an exceptional candidate for high-level roles in sales, marketing, business development, and customer focused organizational transformation.

Below are key reasons why an organization should consider hiring Allan Cervin:

Extensive Leadership and Sales Expertise

  • Allan Cervin is a seasoned professional with a robust background in sales, sales leadership, and business consulting with a consistent record of overperformance. His career spans across prominent organizations such as CGI, iPipeline, Oracle Corp, Euler Hermes (Allianz), and SAS Institute, where he consistently exceeded performance expectations and drove significant business growth.
  • His roles in these companies demonstrate his ability to manage and lead teams, develop and implement strategic initiatives, and deliver exceptional results in very competitive markets.

Experience in Complex Enterprise Environments

  • Allan’s experience spans working in global, complex enterprise matrix organizations. This background equips him with the skills to navigate multifaceted business environments and manage large-scale, diverse teams effectively. And he has also experience from his own cloud-based start-up.

Strategic and Innovative Mindset

  • Allan’s strategic commercial leadership capabilities are evident from his tenure at CGI, where he created multi-million USD business opportunities and led cloud-based customer projects. His role as Partner Head for Microsoft, Informatica, and SAP underscores his ability to forge strategic partnerships and drive technological transformation. His role involved strategic C-level engagements and integrating consulting services, Microsoft Azure, Informatica AI Cloud, and other SaaS software based on AI.
  • As the founder of aPoint IVS, Allan showcased his entrepreneurial spirit by identifying market needs and translating ideas into innovative cloud-based services for talent selection and development.

Proven Resilience and Adaptability

  • Allan’s experience at iPipeline Inc., a Fintech company serving the Financial Services Industry, highlights his resilience and adaptability. Despite challenges from ownership changes and strategic shifts, he successfully navigated complex situations in the construction of a new continental European market for iPipeline, demonstrating his ability to thrive in dynamic environments.
  • His role at Euler Hermes (Allianz) as Country Sales Director further illustrates his leadership in managing, innovating and expanding the national sales and marketing organizations, under a strongly challenged management situation.

Strong Educational Foundation and Continuous Learning

  • Allan holds an MBA from AVT Business School in Copenhagen, accredited by AMBA. His commitment to personal and continuous learning is reflected in his pursuit of additional certifications and skills, including various professional licenses and courses.
  • This strong educational foundation complements his practical experience, enhancing his strategic thinking and leadership capabilities.

Multilingual and Excellent Communication Skills

  • Fluent in Danish and English, with proficiency in Norwegian, Swedish, and basic German, Allan’s multilingual skills enable him to excel in diverse and multicultural environments. His excellent communication skills facilitate strong stakeholder engagement and team collaboration. His ability to communicate effectively across different languages and cultures is a valuable asset in today’s globalized business landscape. Allan has also worked in the US at a Maersk-associated company based in Morristown, NJ, on an L1A visa.

Authentic and Collaborative Leadership Style

  • Allan’s leadership style is characterized by authenticity, personal integrity, and a commitment to fostering a collaborative, innovative and motivated team environment. He emphasizes understanding the customer’s vision and goals, ensuring that his team delivers value in alignment with these objectives.
  • His passion for leadership is reflected in his dedication to driving positive change, empowering his team, and achieving collective goals. This approach not only enhances team performance but also ensures sustainable business growth.

Innovative Problem-Solving and Coaching

  • Allan’s emphasis on innovation as a key driver of performance sets him apart. He collaborates with teams to understand and overcome obstacles, ensuring that business opportunities progress smoothly and that his teams are equipped to navigate unforeseen challenges effectively.
  • His approach to coaching involves guiding teams to develop their capabilities, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and high performance.

Suitable Roles for Allan Cervin

Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

With his extensive background in sales leadership and his ability to drive overperformance, Allan is well-suited for a (SME) CSO role where he can oversee the sales strategy, drive revenue growth, and manage large sales teams.

Chief Transformation Officer (CTO)

Given his success in leading technological transformations, Allan could excel as a (SME) CTO, focusing on modernizing and optimizing an organization’s technological infrastructure to align with strategic business objectives.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Allan’s ability to understand customer needs, combined with his sales expertise, makes him an ideal candidate for a VP of Sales and Marketing role, where he can integrate sales and marketing strategies to enhance customer engagement and drive growth.

Director of Strategic Partnerships

His experience working with external partners and large organizations positions him well for a role where he can cultivate and manage strategic partnerships to drive business development and innovation.

Head of Global Business Development

Allan’s international experience and strategic vision make him a strong candidate for leading global business development efforts, identifying new market opportunities, and driving global expansion strategies.


Allan Cervin’s extensive experience, strategic mindset, authentic leadership style, and passion for innovation make him a valuable asset for any organization looking to enhance its sales and sales performance, drive technological transformation, and achieve sustainable growth.

His proven track record in various leadership roles positions him as an excellent candidate for high-level positions in sales, marketing, business development, and transformation leadership. Allan’s future promises to be as dynamic and impactful as his storied past, making him a prime candidate for organizations seeking visionary leadership and strategic excellence.

Note! As an alternative to the above, Allan Cervin will also be an exceptional candidate for an operational high-level sales position focused on complex customers and organizations, including in collaboration with third parties, including roles of initiating new customer dialogues and creating massive new business, he is truly a holistic person who understands all necessary processes in a commercial organization. With a proven track record in handling multi-million-dollar agreements, Allan excels in strategic C-level engagements and stakeholder management at all levels. In short, Allan brings the perfect blend of strategic vision, operational expertise, and interpersonal skills to excel in managing very complex customer relationships.

By the way Allan is Myers Briggs type: ENTP/ENTJ-A.