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Allan Cervin

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Allan Cervin – Resume/CV

I have years of experience in sales leadership roles! I accept responsibility and deliver sustainable customer value with respect for and with my team. I was raised in sales with repeated proven successful overperformance, personally and through others, leading business units and myself, in a dynamic interaction with the rest of the international or regional commercial enterprise organization.

In CGI – Financial Services & Data Analytics: I have led and closed multi-million dollar and multi-year agreement with e.g. PFA at strategic C-level, that includes consulting services, SaaS software and project management! I was also Head of Nordic commercial collaboration with our partner, Informatica. I restarted that from scratch, to become preferred Nordic Enterprise Platinum Partner and have signed multimillion license agreements with new customers over the past years.

Prior to CGI, I had a successful sales leadership track record in the enterprise market with companies such as:

iPipeline, Oracle, Euler Hermes (Allianz) and SAS Institute. Experience working in global complex enterprise matrix organizations.

I am deeply motivated by helping others and myself to improve, innovate and deliver more than expected. I am passionate in my leadership style, driving sales via high-performing teams providing space and innovative guidance to the individual so that they can achieve their own goals and personal development. People are different and by no means just a resource, and therefore my leadership style is authentic, informal, committed and situation adapted. We deliver and win as a team and always together with the customers organization, where I and the team understand what drives the customer (vision) and the goals they want to achieve!

An important part of a leader’s job is collaborating with the sales teams to understand as deeply as possible what’s holding up a business opportunity, if that is the case, figuring out why and where an opportunity is running into trouble, and then finding innovative ways to move it forward. The keyword here is innovation. Innovation driving performance through unforeseen obstacles.

Coaching on the other hand is about driving performance around know behaviors and for me as a sales leader to guide the teams to answer what I already know the answer too. In other words, you can’t coach what you don’t know, but you can innovate

I completed my MBA in 2014 from AVT Business School in Copenhagen.

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+45 50480065 (private)

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In my spare time I have an interest in long range and PRS shooting, sailing, scuba diving, F1 motorsport, flying, skiing and much more.

Outside the occupational qualifications I hold the following certifications and authority-approved courses:
  • Yacht Master 3rd Class
  • Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
  • PADI Open Water
  • Rough Terrain (4×4) driver licence
  • Advanced driving
  • Hunting license
  • Ministerially approved professional Rifle / Shooting Instructor